Harmonious Design and Setting
When we first take a look at a potential site we study its history. By looking back at how the land was used in previous years, we can assess whether there are any likely health risks. Has there been any industry there before? Is the site prone to flooding? What is the ground made off? All these questions help us to make an informed decision whether to purchase the site.
Whilst we pride ourselves on building the healthiest environment possible, we also want to encourage living outdoors with nature. It is vital that your new home provides you and your family with the opportunity to get outside into the fresh air. Either spend time in your lovely landscaped garden or take a relaxing walk in the countryside on your doorstep.
Due to scientific research that implies living near high powered electrical lines may lead to diseases such as leukemia, we have decided to avoid these all together. Whether you believe the science or not, we can at least all agree that they are rather unsightly!
 The 25 million dollar study by the National Toxicology Program recently found an association with mobile phone radiation and tumours. The BioIntiative Report, comprised of over 25 doctors and researchers, have compiled 100s of studies to suggest the negative health effects go much further than this. For this reason, we have decided that we should enact the precautionary principle and reduce the distance of our developments as much as possible. You will not find a stealth mobile phone mast only a few metres from your new home.  
Not only do we assess the structural ground conditions but we also check for any contamination in the ground. We couldn’t sleep at night if we built a home over a known harmful substance. We take nothing for granted. That’s why we test everything.
 Once we have decided that the proposed development site ticks our stringent policies, we can get started with the design. At Healthy Developments, we choose to really think about who will be living there and how the home will be used. Modern developments cram houses over every square inch available and do not prioritize the small things you do not notice when you come to view, such as storage or where the sun comes up.  

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