High Indoor Air Quality
Now that we build with 54,500 more chemicals than 100 years ago, it is no wonder that the air in our homes is so polluted. We have decided to use natural, toxin-free materials. Many modern buildings use materials laden with hazardous toxic substances, many of which are carcinogenic. At Healthy Developments, we favour products that have been tried and tested for centuries or newer ones that support our health rather than detract from it.
Our philosophy at Healthy Developments is to design it right first and only then do we supplement with mechanical interventions. We ensure the layout of the home enables you to open windows on one side of the house so that fresh air can blow through and leave the home on the other side. This naturally replaces polluted air with fresh air from outside. All at no extra cost.
High Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is fully dependent on internal humidity regulation. Modern building methods now attempt to block water out with brute force, using non-permeable materials. Unfortunately, water has the habit of finding weak spots in the system, which can lead to building failures. Rather than working against water, we work with water and use materials that will allow the tiny water gases to pass through to reduce the risk of mould and spores.
To ensure our wall structures are vapour-permeable, we also need to make sure the insulation we pick allows the same water vapour molecules to pass through. This reduces the ‘sweating’ inside buildings, which occurs when water has nowhere to go.
In all our homes we generate water moisture from breathing, cooking, washing and bathing. All these activities can build up and lead to condensation and damp. In our Healthy Homes we build with materials that can naturally adsorb water when it is generated and later desorb when the coast is clear. Say goodbye to condensation on your bathroom mirror.
As we like to take the belt and braces approach to building, we even focus on the areas you will never see. We ensure that the building can adequately drain away water by adding non-wicking drainage stones on the outside of the foundation. We then run a drainage pipe underground so the water has a quick route to exit.
Finally, once we have designed the correct environment and utilised appropriate materials we add in some innovative technology. Even with all the will in the world, you may forget to open all your windows to bring in some fresh air. We add a ventilation system to supplement the robust natural system, just in case you ever forget.

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