Why Healthy Developments?

Our home is the single most important place that we spend our time in. We spend over 14 hours per day in our homes. We share it with family and friends. We eat there, we sleep there and we live there. It’s the centre of each of our lives. Yet, little consideration is given to how our home’s environment can play a big role in our health. Fortunately, the tide is turning. A recent survey showed that 90% of UK homeowners and renters want a home that does not compromise their health.
That’s why we have created Healthy Developments. To provide you and your families with homes that prioritize the health of everyone living there. We got tired of building how everyone else does. We got tired of choosing products purely based on speed and cost. We got tired of using an average of 55,000 chemicals (up from 50 in 1900), a lot of which are toxic. We got tired of building homes that are up to 50x more polluted than the outside air.
We began researching about building biophysics (building biology and building physics) so we no longer had to build environments that are unhealthy and uncomfortable. We consulted with medical doctors, poured over scientific research, met with leading experts and flew to USA to certify with the International Institute for Building Biology to develop our own Healthy Homes.

The Precautionary Principle

At Healthy Developments, we have adopted the precautionary principle. Whilst this sounds technical, it is very simple. Based on the scientific research that produces evidence for the health concerns we face in a modern building, we have decided we need to reduce these exposures as much as we can.
It would be impossible to conclude that any one aspect of the home environment is the cause of illness, but we can strive to minimise these risks as much as possible. Here at Healthy Developments, we believe in preventative health. This is where you choose to prevent getting sick in the first place, rather than waiting for illness to come knocking at your door.
By creating a healthier environment in your home, we are giving our bodies one less excuse to pack in so you can get on enjoying your lives.


Our 3 Key Values


Quality & Innovation


At the core of our values comes health. We focus on providing a healthy living environment for the families who move in, for the craftsmen who are building the homes and for all the neighbours who surround our projects. If we personally wouldn’t want to live next door to our own building sites, nor live in one of our houses, nor carry out the task the builders are doing, then we simply wouldn’t be building.

 Everything we do is to the most stringent standards. We study every single product that goes into the homes to check it meets our own high standards. We even carry out tests before, during and after the build at our own expense so we can be certain we are providing you with the healthiest home. We are tirelessly looking for new ways to improve our homes whether it is lessons from our building heritage or current research in science.

We are looking to empower everyone involved with the knowledge that can lead them to live a healthier life. The beauty is, we have done the legwork and can now condense it down so that it can be shared for all to benefit. Whether it is explaining to the homeowner how to correctly use their new healthy home or inviting the local school for a site visit, we are fully committed to sharing with anyone who will listen.

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