Reducing Pollutants & Radiation
We survey the site initially for a radioactive gas, radon. We then we do a great job of not importing any into the houses we build. Did you know that granite worktops and smoke detectors are sources of radon?
To prevent electromagnetic radiation entering the home via the electrical system, we install shielded electrical cables free of charge. We also add ethernet points and telephone sockets to every room to encourage the use of wired devices. We even lay the wires in case you decide to add a sound system in the future.
Sleep is an important time for our bodies to regenerate from the many stressors of modern day living. As the research shows that electromagnetic radiation and pollution affects sleep quality, we choose to minimize them so that you can get some shut eye.
The most effective way to reduce pollution is to avoid the use of pollutants in the first place. That’s why we spend so much time researching and testing everything we use during the build process.
Whilst noise pollution is considered in the current building regulations, sound quality is not. Have you ever noticed the echo/reverb one gets in certain buildings? By using natural materials we benefit from their ability to absorb the sound, making the room acoustically excellent.
As 90% of our body by weight is built up from water, it is likely that it plays an important role in our biology. As tap water may contain fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals we have installed a reverse osmosis system under the kitchen sink to remove all the pollutants from your drinking water.
The use of synthetic materials, such as carpets and wall coverings, can lead to some unintended consequences. Due to the physics involved, there can be a build up of static charge. Whilst you might be thinking electrical shocks, you may not have thought about its effect on pollutants. When a material becomes electrically charged, it attracts pollutants from the air to cling to it. This means the nasty contaminants stay inside the home rather than dispelled by air movement.

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