Following our philosophy of designing the house correctly first and then focussing on the mechanical interventions last, we focus on generating as much as free heat energy from the sun. We do this by orienting the house in a southerly direction and having ample window coverage to allow the infrared heat from the sun to pass into the house. We study the solar geometry (how it moves from a low angle in the winter to a higher one in the summer) to ensure that you stay cosy in the winter but do not overheat in the summer.
In order to heat your home via solar radiation you need to have dense building materials to capture it. This is known as thermal mass. The heat is captured and stored in the walls during the day and is released back out at night. This means that the room temperature swings less throughout the day so you do not need to turn your heating on.
Modern building favours systems that can be built quickly. This generally means that dense materials are not used, meaning that they cannot benefit from passive solar heat. Instead, they rely purely on insulation. We use a blend, thermal mass on the inside and insulation on the outside.

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