Having met with many people who suffer from severe allergies, multiple chemical sensitivities and electro-hypersensitivity we understand the desire to no longer feel like a modern day refugee. We have gone to extreme lengths to ensure we minimize as many known risks so that these people finally have a place that they can call home.
Every owner of one of our Healthy Homes will be provided with a copy of all the tests we carry out. These include site investigations, material gas chamber tests (to test for VOCs and Formaldehyde), electromagnetic surveys (before, during and after the build) and indoor air quality tests. This way, you can measure how much healthier your home is versus a typical conventional building.
When you last bought a home, were you ever told how it was constructed? Most people aren’t aware of what type of construction their home is, let alone know which products were used. We give you a full list of what went into your home. This way, you know exactly what you are getting.
Whilst we favour a more traditional build process, we also like to take the best of modern innovations. You can rest assure that your house puts security and privacy at the front of our thoughts, to help you sleep even more easily at night.

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